Five-In-One Flooring

Five-In-One Flooring


Professional Floor Covering Installation, Repairs, and Advice

We take the time to do things right. Because we care.

Five-In-One Flooring specializes in the installation of carpet, hardwood, laminate, sheet vinyl, vinyl plank, and vinyl tile, as well as repairs and baseboard installation. Also available for free consultations and expert advice. We do not do sanding and refinishing of hardwood.

Choosing the right floor for you

Decisions Decisions

There are numerous possibilities when it comes to picking your new floor covering. Budget, appearance, comfort, durability, maintenance. These are the largest factors when it comes to selection.

Planning Checklist

Things to take into account

There are a lot of aspects that may be overlooked when planning to install a new floor. You should always read manufacturer guidelines and installation instructions prior to installation, many have a downloadable pdf if they don't come in the box. For preliminary screening, some of the key requirements are included. Here is a list of things to consider.