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The Origin Story

Hi my name is Sonny Thomas. I am owner/ operator of Five-In-One Flooring as well as the on floor installer. We are just a small 2 man crew operating out of Brantford ON.

I am a 3rd generation flooring installer. My grampa was a flooring installer, now owning a flooring store on the Six Nations reserve. My dad has installed flooring and been involved in the industry his whole life. I have multiple family members who are also installers. I didn't start in the industry until I was 15 as I didn't know my dad growing up due to a divorce. When I started being an unruly teenager (you know how it goes) I reached out and the first day we spent together he took me to work so I could earn some money. So first day he hands me a circular saw and has cut lines drawn on a sheet of plywood and said cut this. I haven't had any previous experience operating power tools mind you. Cut the cord right off the thing. I ended up moving in with him and worked on weekends and summer break from school. I finished off my high school credits working for him full time, while also learning the trade. I've done a few different things here and there during that time but I've always gravitated back towards flooring. Nothing compared to the satisfaction of working with my hands, transforming a space, and seeing the joy on a clients face when they see their new floor. I grew a passion for flooring. Throughout that time I aimed to continue to do better, build on my skills, and gain a wealth of knowledge on the career path now set before me. When it came time that my dad was getting worn out from a life on the floor he halted his installation business and took a job to do measures and sales for a flooring store. I was now faced with the decision of working for a reputable flooring store, or (with my dads help) starting my own installation business. Five-In-One Flooring was born. 

The Goal

I believe in providing outstanding customer service followed by quality workmanship, to create a floor, and a relationship that will last. Overall the goal is for Five-In-One Flooring to be the go to for expert flooring advice and installations.